Conclusion of the 10 Myths

Myth 10:

The ultimate in myth telling to Christian parents in America may not be because the myth is being created for belief by the public school administrators, public school teachers unions, or politicians. It may be that parents are creating a myth that they want to believe for themselves.

Sadly, there are Christian parents who really don’t want to think about educating their children in a Christian way. Rather than examine the readily available facts on education in America and the Biblical directives from God concerning the education of children, they would prefer to suppress the truth or continue to believe the misrepresentations that they are fed. However, a fact remains that should be sobering to all: we will give an account to God for how we raised the children that He gave us. Lord help Christian parents in America to see that God’s priorities for His people will not allow for anything less than a God honoring education for the children.


Many Christian parents think that the public school system can be fixed and if they wait a little longer, things won’t be so bad. Some people lay blame on the teachers in the public schools, but that is not the root problem. Some blame the politicians or the bureaucrats for not doing enough or not being willing to make the hard decisions that will bring reform.

The root cause is the foundational starting point and philosophy of public schools in America; one that does not begin with the teachings of God in His Word. The public schools simply cannot serve two masters.

A philosophy that excludes Jesus Christ in the teaching of children simply cannot succeed. The effect of Christianity or lack thereof, permeates every aspect of education. Some examples of the effect include defining classroom discipline, the view of authority, the level of parental involvement, respect for the family, the role of parents, the role of the teacher, the stewardship of tax dollar spending, the determination of priorities, the work ethic and motive of teachers, who teaches our children about sex, acceptable sexual activity in our schools, dress standards, who or what children worship, and where children get the answers for the most important questions they ask.

By the way, there are Christian schools that have some of the same problems that non-Christian schools have. We encourage every parent to be careful to investigate each school carefully and not assume a school is excellent simply because it has Christian in its name. The question for Christian parents today is, “are you going to continue to believe the myths and choose an educational environment for your child that is not for our Lord and continues to flounder academically, or will you follow the Biblical teaching for children and trust God for the results?”

The hearts and minds of our children and the future spiritual condition of our country await your answer.


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