What are “millennial” parents wanting?

If given the opportunity to select what-ever school they could for their child, more millennials would prefer a private school than any other option, according to a national poll released October 11 by EdChoice, formerly the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice.  Asked “If it were your decision and you could select any type of school, and financial costs and transportation were of no concern, what type of school would you select in order to obtain the best education for your child?” 43 percent of millennials said they would select a private school (including independent, parochial, and religious); 28 percent would choose a regular public school; 13 percent, a home school; and 8 percent said they would choose a charter school. Respondents were split into two groups, half being asked the question above and the other half asked the same question without the condition “and financial costs and transportation were of no concern.” Results varied, but when the two groups were combined, 38 percent of millennials said they would choose a private school; 30 percent, a regular public school; 12 percent would home-school their child; and 11 percent would enroll their child in a charter school.

Glaring Disconnect

The report noted a “glaring disconnect with actual school enrollment patterns.” It continued: “The reality check is profound. About 83 percent of K–12 students attend public school across the country. Only about 10 percent of students enroll in private schools. Roughly 5 percent of students currently go to public charter schools. It is estimated that just under 3 percent of the country’s students are home-schooled.”

What Drives the Choice?

Among millennials who selected a private school as their preferred school type, 18 percent said the most important school characteristic influencing their choice was school quality and the opportunity for a better education. Twelve percent said class size and student-teacher ratios were the driving force of their decision, and another 12 percent said individual attention and a customized education were the main reasons. A host of other private school attributes also attracted millennials, though no single one attracted more than 10 percent of them.

-Publication taken from C.A.P.E


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